If you are able to connect to us and have a small budget for an interview about you, your family, your friends, your social life and your way to provide a smile to the world, you can connect with us and ask us for a audio or video interview.

For new customers in The Netherlands we start with a 50 euro fee for introduction and a 1 hour work-flow to create a youtube production.

  • For 50 Euro …
  • We can provide an audio interview by phone on a Dutch-phone-line by calling you back from our 06 nr including texting you back any information by SMS or whatsapp to your Dutch 06 nr.
  • We can visit your locations starting at the price of 50 euro – including filming / photography – 2 hours production.
  • For 100 Euro …
  • We can edit your logo’s and texts including your audio into a 1 to 5 minute video or slideshow starting at the price of 100 euro.
  • For 300 Euro …
  • We can film a lipdub or flashmob on your location and make a great online videoclip in 1 day.
  • For 600 Euro …
  • We can provide a lipdub including presentations for the crew and explanationday, 2nd day to practice the moves and settings and 3rd day to film the real clip.
  • For 1000 Euro …
  • We can make a great business-video including 5 to 10 interviews and all your locations in NL up to 10 different locations.

For more information.

Call +31622869860

Or mail your questions or suggestions.


We provide interviews for charitable organisations for free.

For journalistic approach you can sent us your details and press information and facts or figures including any invitation and event details.

For more information about our way we work, contributions or any possible new project… just visit the website: