Time to turn thinking into action….

What if you can?

Starting from zero to become a hero.

There is always a way out of a problem.

Just call yourself your own guide.

See yourself as your personal guru.

Thinking is good, but stop wishing and start acting like it.

Your prophecy has already started. So don’t wait and wait for it.

If it is your time to shine and make it happen, then it is your time.

Sometimes you may wonder if everything will work out fine, but if you don’t try … you won’t know.

For every first step you have to say i can do this. I will do it. This is it.

And if you still think of pushing it forward and waiting for some special moment and a light to shine befor you can begin …. the world will keep turning and people will keep dying.

So never wait for your own problems befor you can solve them.


Think forward, but act now.

Ask yourself … who am i?

Where am i? Where do i want to be?

What do i do? & what can i do?



… the answer will be:

Who do i need?

Where do i need to go to find this person?

What do i need to do to get there?


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