Who is your saviour?

Everyone talks about saviours and being saved or saving people.

We all want miracles.
In times of trouble we are looking for signs that can bring us back to happiness.

So why is it so important for us to be saved? Are we lost?
Do you realy believe that you are the cause of your own problems?

In politics or journalism people think they need to act to make other people react.
Showing your opinion to others or sharing your facts and research can lift you up to fortune and fame.
But is this our goal?

Being happy means being aware about the situation and accepting it.
No fear is a state of mind.
Many people never understood that fear is a signal to react, just like pain. That is why many of us don’t do what we should do.

There is nothing in fear and pain but a signal for us to change.
Be better, get well, make it happen and know that you are in control of your own thoughts and feelings.

Who ever you are.
You are a perfect being.
So be it. #GODOGOOD

See my podcast channel
(Stijn Gabeler)

And : https://www.spreaker.com/user/godogood


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